a play with four actors and some pigs and some cows and some horses and a prime minister and a milka cow and some local and international inspectors. 


After Great Britain's tragicomic exit from the EU, the empty space has to be filled quickly, otherwise the EU might collapse. Europe has turned its eyes on Kosovo, which unexpectedly finds itself facing an historic opportunity, which it must exploit. But, as always, it comes with a huge challenge. In addition to Kosovo, Serbia also has the chance to enter the EU. People and animals in Kosovo mobilise to meet the standards that Europe has set as a condition of entry, and to do this better and faster than Serbia. The basic EU document that is given to the Kosovar authorities is called Kosovo and 3,000 easy regulations on the way to Europe. The Tony Blair Slaughterhouse in Prishtina, from now onward, must start to sell meat which has been quality-controlled. In their effort to meet this condition, the owners of the slaughterhouse make a Kafkian journey through the state bureaucracy, dealing with officials and bureaucrats who are unhelpful and corrupt. They even have to steal a giraffe from the Skopje zoo for the prime minister of Kosovo to eat on his birthday. And while some people in the new country naively commit to this new challenge, the Orwellian world of animals mobilises and wants to exploit this political momentum to set out and articulate their demands for more dignified slaughter.



A collaboration with... 

Qendra Multimedia                         Prishtina, Kosovo



Directed by: Blerta Neziraj

Written by: Jeton Neziraj

Music: Gabriele Marangoni
Choreography: Adrienne Hart


Shengyl Ismaili, Adrian Morina, Ernest Malazogu, Shpetim Selmani
Musicians: Art Lokaj (electric guitar) Drin Tashi (drums)

Stage design: Petra Veber
Costume design: Vesa Kraja
Light design: Radomir Stamenkovi

Produced by Qendra Multimedia