Mini Q&A with… Aoi Nakamura

We asked Summer Intensive guest Aoi Nakamura to talk about what participants can expect from her afternoon NEON DANCE rep and creative sessions + her current plans with the newly founded AΦE.

1. When did you begin working with Neon Dance?

I’ve been working with Neon Dance since 2013 

2. Outside of Neon you work as a performer for Jasmin Vardimon and Punch Drunk. You also established the company AΦE in partnership with Esteban Fourmi in 2012 and I hear a new project is currently in the making. Can you tell us more?

AΦE is an Ashford-based company founded in 2012 by Aoi Nakamura and Esteban Fourmi. Our vision is to bring the art closer to audiences, with work which combine fantasia, dream, real, virtual using any elements such as sound, text, new technologies or anything that seems necessary to express our ideas. We aim for high-quality productions and experiences that are not specifically bound by a stage.

We’re currently working on a new work that pushes the limits of the dance performance. Using a Virtual Reality (VR) head set, the idea is that the user will be totally immersed into the work and be able to experience the performance in the comfort of their home or during a live/virtual performance created by AΦE.

3. What can participants expect from your afternoon company rep and creative sessions as part of the Neon Dance Summer Intensive at Swindon Dance?

To introduce Neon Dance’s choreographic vocabulary. Inspire people through different techniques of creative process and bring new dimension and qualities to their choreographic approach to dance and dance making.

Aoi will teach from 2 – 4.30pm each day (24th – 25th August) at Swindon Dance as part of the Neon Dance Summer Intensive. To book your place on the Neon Dance Summer Intensive, follow the link to the Swindon Dance BOOKING PAGE.