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‘Puzzle Creature’ is a term coined by artist / architect duo Arakawa (1936 - 2010) and Madeline Gins (1941 - 2014), it refers to an organism’s constant questioning of its existence and surroundings. Adrienne Hart has created a beguiling performance experience inspired by Arakwara and Gins, featuring an award winning team of collaborators. An immersive set design creates a space where performer and public co-exist; three exquisite dance artists drive the performance, accompanied by a newly commissioned multi-speaker score.

Puzzle Creature also features integrated British and Japanese Sign Language alongside audio description.

“…a unique and wondrous world.”
— The Stage
Through its diverse meditations on this broader question of being in the world, Neon Dance has created a beautiful and engaging work that leads us on an unforgettable journey of exploration.
— Arakawa + Gins Tokyo Office
Do yourself a favour and catch Neon Dance perform their sold out London show Puzzle Creature. I saw it last night and have not stopped thinking about it. This immersive, extraordinary and unique show will blow your mind.
— Audience Member
Thank you so much for your amazing, breathtaking, and unparalleled performance. We all were moved and now still feeling in another world.
— Audience Member
I really enjoyed the performance. The dance made me recall the infinite possibility of body. I forgot daily life in this extraordinary time and recognized the sparkle of our bodies. Thank you.
— Audience Member
It was beautiful beautiful beautiful! Made me cry.... thank you. I hope it travels so widely. It has so much to say and through the most beautiful imagery imaginable.
— Audience Member

Discover our behind the scene video series created by documentary filmmaker Tom Schumann and commissioned by Neon Dance…

Technical Specifications

Download our technical specifications as a PDF file or continue reading…


PuzzleCreature set comprises of 2 x ‘pillow’ plastic structures made out of a transparent foil (fire resistant B-1 certified), the larger of the two designed to be pumped up with air to create a dome-like immersive environment for both audience (max capacity 185) and 3 performers. The larger pillow comes in two sizes (10 x 20 metres or 20 x 20 metres) and has a zipper on all sides, which acts as a entrance and exit. In addition, a number of hooks have been built in to the material in order to hang artist Ana Rajcevic’s ‘body sculpture’ artworks. 


A surround sound score has been created for 8 independent audio channels (7 x speakers and 1 - 2 x subwoofer(s). 4 of the speakers will hang off the rig and all speakers will sit outside of the dome material structure.

Channels 1, 3, 5 in a triangle formation low.

Channels 2, 4, 6 in a triangle formation high.

Channel 7 at the centre top, facing down.

Channel 8 is subwoofer(s).

The 8 independent channels of audio for the performance will be laptop playback, via Clarett 8 Pre interface. There will be no live musicians involved in the performance. 

The laptop and loom/mixing desk should not be in sight of the audience.  

Sound Equipment Requirements:

7 x 12 inch matched speakers, pref D&B audio + flying frames / eyebolts for flying 4 of the speakers from lighting rig 

1 - 2 x adequate size sub woofer 

Power amps for 8 independent channels

All necessary cabling and power, including 8 matched jack leads for output from laptop interface

8 channel balanced jack to xlr loom or mixing desk with 8 independent outputs  

Laptop driving the audio playback will also be providing midi clock signal to sync Ableton to the lighting cues. 

Lighting Design

Nico de Rooij and Djana Covic adapt their PuzzleCreature lighting design to each tour venue / space. We have included an example design plan for the show as a separate attachment. Click here to download.

Transportation of Set

The following items are transported from our home base in Royal Wootton Bassett (Wiltshire) by Amber Audio Ltd… 


200m2 of material x 0,2kg = 40kg

1250m2 of material = 250kg 

1. Pillow 10 x 10 m

material: foil 0.2 mm, fire retardant B1

air feeding hose 

1 x zipper 8 m


2. Pillow 20 x 20 m / 10 x 20 m

material: foil 0.2 mm, fire retardant B1

air feeding hose

4 x zipper 20 m 

Body sculptures:

(L)180cm x (W)90cm x (H)70cm hippo bag containing wearable body sculptures. Total weight 20kg. 

Additional Equipment:

1. Fan for Pillow 10 x 10 m

noise reduced fan 39.2 dBA

max. air-volume 497 m³/h

including motor protection and control cable, plug


2. Fan for Pillow 20 x 20 m

noise reduced fan 38.5 dBA

max. air-volume 1,814 m³/h

including motor protection and control cable, plug

Technical Inquiries:

Nico de Rooij

Amsterdamse Veerkade 140

2512 DJ The Hague - NL -ECC

E: nicoderooij@gmail.com 

M: +31618270522