‘‘War in Times of Love’’ is a tragic comedy written by Jeton Neziraj and the production premiered at the National Theatre of Kosovo on the 5th May 2015.


Neon’s Adrienne Hart was invited to Prishtina, Kosovo in 2015 to work in collaboration with the QENDRA MULTIMEDIA director Blerta Neziraj. 

After three successful international plays, Blerta Neziraj, the young director from Kosovo, brings another provocative play to the public, with songs and dance, in which 5 talented actors tell, warts and all, their small stories, both tragic and comic, but above all, the stories of women in a beauty salon (and what does it matter that these stories were written by a man!).

Written by
Jeton Neziraj

Directed by
Blerta Neziraj

Aurita Agushi, Shengyl Ismaili, Shkelzen Veseli, Albulena Kryeziu, Molikë Maxhuni

Adrienne Hart

Gabriele Marangoni

Stage and Costumes
Igor Vasiljev, Isidora Spasic

Produced by
Qendra Multimedia (Pristina, Kosovo)

Stage manager
Lendita Idrizi

Production assistant
Elisabeth Wiegner

Technical Director
Denis Berisha